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Some investors think that a particular undertaking is simply too precarious to invest in, and would rather keep their coins saved in wallets, within the desire that the worth will rebound after some time. But, if this’s true, what is the point of getting obtained any crypto advantage containing a pre-sale or maybe an ICO? If you think it is way too precarious to get an asset with fiat, why wouldn’t you not avoid an ICO altogether? Would you not better off putting the money of yours in fiat money instead?

Other individuals like using certain platforms who provide them with the ability to swap assets for fiat in a regulated manner. While you’ll sometimes read about the bad stories behind exchanges, a lot of people that are looking at how to purchase cryptocurrencies would prefer to employ a trusted company regulate the assets of theirs, rather than doing it themselves. The issue occurs when several exchanges get’ acquired’ by certain organizations and be the exclusive partners of theirs.

Which then means individuals lose access to the trading platforms they would like to apply. What’s the application process? Complete the form below to use to get enumerated on the ICO directory. A part of the team of ours will contact you within twenty four hours to discuss the application of yours. If your application is accepted, you will be in a position to login to the platform of ours, and modify your listing. I cannot find the money the listing rate. Will I still list my token?

Indeed, you are able to list your token on TokenGeek even in case you can’t manage to pay for the listing fee. Just how can I pay the listing rate? If perhaps you’re an accredited investor, you can shell out the listing payment via a verified cryptocurrency wallet such as Coinbase, Gemini, Circle, GDAX, etc. When you’re not an accredited investor, please speak to us at to request payment via wire transfer. However, the problem comes with time.

There’ll often be time when the exchange will make changes in terms of how it works. They may turn out shutting down a couple of important tasks they’ve mentioned, and also those people who actually build such platforms too run the risk of losing the profits of theirs from previously existing listings. How can I publish a token for listing? In case you already have a whitepaper, simply post your whitepaper to the profile of yours. Do I need to carry out KYC/AML?

Not at this time. We presently don’t have plans refer to this page for more tips require KYC/AML in order to list a token on TokenGeek. When your project is listed, people can have a look at the project, speak with others in the community, ask and join the forum. Being mentioned on an exchange or maybe a major platform will develop a major rise in the size of your area and in addition allow you to even more visible to the general public.


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